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Did you know that our bodies are designed to perform physically engaging tasks? Yes, but we miss out on them due to our sedentary lifestyle. However, fortunately, there is a way out. Depending on your mobility and fitness level, we design chiropractic exercise programs that can help improve your condition. Alliance Chiropractic Clinic in St. John’s offers chiropractic exercises to improve your mobility, motor control, and to stretch and strengthen your muscles. Call us today to learn more about your options.


Manage Your Condition Better Through Some Simple Exercises


If you are suffering from chronic low back pain, we can help manage the condition with some simple exercises. We encourage you to progress from one level to the next when the time is right.

1. Mobility level includes:

Child’s pose/Prayer stretch

Knee to chest stretch (single & double)

Pelvic tilts

Spinal rotation

2. Strengthening (stability) and motor control level consists of:

Bird dog

Multifidi activation

Supine bridge

Transverse abdominis activation

3. Stretching exercises include:

Figure four stretch

Hamstring stretching

Hip flexor stretching

Quadriceps stretching

4. Strengthening/Endurance training comprises of:

Modified curl up

Side plank

Stretch and Strengthen Your Muscles

Personalized exercise programs to manage your condition.

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