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Your One-Stop Clinic in St. John’s for Chiropractic Treatments

At Alliance Chiropractic Clinic, we structure a variety of techniques to address your medical condition so you can lead a healthier, more complete life. Get in touch with us for quality chiropractic treatments in St. John’s.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a Greek word meaning "treatment by hand." It's a hands-on approach to healing, which emphasizes on the correction of the bad structure. Because it's the bad structure that directly or indirectly causes trouble for you. It includes joint pain, muscle pain, irritation in your ligaments, discomfort or numbness in nerves that run throughout your body, and so on. Through the use of specific tests and treatments, the chiropractor is able to relieve pressure exerted on your body structures and restore proper function and improve your condition.

Proceeding With Your Chiropractic Treatment

Before we proceed with your treatment, health history and examination involving a postural, functional, neurological, and orthopedic evaluation, as well as x-rays (if required), are performed, to assess and evaluate your condition.

After identifying the cause, the first phase of your chiropractic care begins. Our chiropractic care involves pain management and correction of faulty joint functions, soft tissue abnormalities, and other acute problems.

The second phase of your chiropractic care consists of rehabilitation to promote stability in the body and to prevent reoccurrence of such injuries in the future. This is achieved through postural retraining, stretching, strengthening, and muscle re-education. Our rehabilitation programs are customized so you can take an active role in the recovery and decrease the likelihood of chronic problems from developing.

Preventative Chiropractic Care Programs

Once your pressing health concerns are resolved, we request you to select our supportive or preventative chiropractic care programs. It’s similar to dental and medical monitoring programs. Such programs help us identify and correct your body dysfunctions before it turns to a medical condition. In such cases, you continue with home exercises and other lifestyle improvements and have these monitored and changed periodically, if needed, in order to preserve your precious health.

Chiropractic Techniques We Offer

Whether it’s helping you with your back pain or rehabilitation chiropractic care, we design your treatment program based on your physical conditions and therapy goals. Some of the techniques we use include:


In MRT, we treat adhesions, which develop within your muscles and sometimes between soft tissues due to acute and repetitive injuries. Soft tissues such as nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue may get affected resulting in reduced muscle function and joint motion. MRT is helpful in soothing your adhesions and to restore your muscle function. This technique is useful for athletes and blue-collar workers who engage themselves in repetitive actions.


Diversified technique is the most popular and widely used chiropractic procedure. It involves the creation of high-velocity and low-amplitude thrust by hands, resulting in joint cavitation. The joint cavitation is a release of gas in the synovial fluid of your joint, forming tiny gas bubbles. As air bubbles coming out of your soda-can reduce its internal pressure; this technique helps to release your joint pressure. Due to such pressure release, joint and neurological functions get restored.


Here, we use an adjusting table with a pneumatically driven, segmented drop system that quickly lowers the section of your body with the spinal region being adjusted. We thrust at high-speed with less force because the fast drop carries the joint through the remainder of its range motion.


It’s a common chiropractic technique which involves the practitioner using extremely fast, light thrust on the affected area. Speed is very vital in this technique because it's the speed that helps reset joints and muscle areas and restore range of motion as well as proper nerve function.

Chiropractic - Treatment by Hand

A hands-on approach to improving your condition.

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